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re/Q Dual Function EQ Pedal

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  • Genzler Amplification re/Q DUAL FUNCTION EQUALIZATION PEDAL - Top View
  • Genzler Amplification re/Q DUAL FUNCTION EQUALIZATION PEDAL - rear view
  • Genzler Amplification re/Q DUAL FUNCTION EQUALIZATION PEDAL - box
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Need better control over your tone, but don't need a full-function preamp? This pedal, the second product from the collaboration between Jeff Genzler and Andy Field, is a purpose-built EQ pedal with 5 full bands of equalization, and a low pass AND high pass filter. Both the EQ and Filters are footswitchable, and the pedal can be used in an effects loop OR as the first input on your chain. With a 1 Meg-ohm input impedance, it can be used as a "pseudo-preamp" for your piezo pickup-equipped upright bass or electric upright.

Now, what do I mean by "pseudo-preamp?" Well, it's not what I'd consider to be a full-blown "preamp" - there's no DI output on this pedal, and the input gain is fixed. But the output level can be adjusted, so you can use the EQ to create a "clean boost" for solos. So if your preamping needs are modest, and you don't need all the bells and whistles that you'll find on other purpose built preamps, this unit could be for you - because it's got a really nice, smooth EQ AND a very useful low cut (and high cut) filter.

There is even a particular use for upright players: you can use the footswitchable EQ to create a second gain and EQ setting (versus the "unprocessed" sound), to switch back and forth from arco to pizz. Tailoring the EQ to suit the tonal needs of playing with a bow - and creating a volume cut to compensate for the higher output level of the constant bow attack - means that you can pick up the bow, step on the switch, and just confidently play, with optimal tonal adjustments and volume.

The EQ points are carefully chosen for bass instruments, and are at different points than the EQs on the Genzler amps, which means that the frequencies will further enhance the already great sounding Magellan amp heads. But this pedal will provide tonal enhancement no matter what amp rig you're running with. And like I said - the EQs have a smooth, not harsh, character that makes it well-suited for preserving the warmth of your upright's tone.

This pedal also offers another level of versatility as it accepts nearly any power supply; 9 – 18 Volts, either polarity. (Power supply not automatically included, but we offer one as an add-on item).

Genzler sez: The re/Q DUAL FUNCTION EQ PEDAL is a low noise, ALL ANALOG multi-function HIGH PASS FILTER – LOW PASS FILTER and 5 BAND EQ pedal that gives the player complete tonal control over the cut-off of the extreme low and high frequencies, plus 5 bands of peak-dip equalization. The filter section is foot switched independently from the EQ section, and there is additional make-up gain or cut after the EQ for balancing of levels or to act as an additional boost/cut function when the EQ is switched into the signal path.


    • Lightweight Aluminum Chassis
    • Rugged Stomp Switches
    • Low-noise, Silent Switching Circuitry
    • High-Pass and Low-Pass Filter
    • 5 Band Fixed EQ Network
    • EQ Output Level Control
    • Accepts Power Supplies From 9VDC – 18VDC (low noise type), Either Polarity (auto detecting) 40mA Max — (Power Supply Not Included)
    • Dimensions: 6”W X 4.1”D X 2.3”H
    • Weight: 1.3 Lbs.



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