SuperFlexible SOLO Tuning Upright Bass Strings

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Thomastik Superflexible Double Bass Double Bass Strings have a braided steel thread core. For most players, the Superflexible are a "smoother" sounding steel, rope core string than the very popular Spirocores.

Recently, some rockabilly-slap styled players have found that they like the solo gauge Superflexibles. For many, they're just a little bit harder to slap than non-metal strings, but for steel they're pretty easy on the fingers. They have a bit more "click" - but also more actual note - than plain gut or nylon, especially on the E and A; they will probably sound a little "twangy" until they break in (especially if you're used to gut or similar). But they're reported to have a long life, and they work quite well for "regular" pizz sound as well. And of course, these strings will work with a magnetic pickup like the Schaller (while gut or nylon won't).

From the Manufacturer:
Includes our exclusive Gollihur Music tipsheet to get the most out of your purchaseThe solid core has been replaced by a cable-type structure made up of braided steel threads. This reduces the string's stiffness, improving its elasticity.

Superflexible is incomparably responsive and its tone seems to literally radiate from the instrument, without the least harshness. Durability, tuning stability and purity of open fifths are unsurpassed.

Superflexible is a dependable all-round string for the discerning musician, at home with every type of bowing and in every musical situation.

Medium Superflexibles have blue thread at the bottom and top; the solo gauge has a yellow top with a blue bottom.

String Gauges:

designed to be tuned one step up from standard tuning,
commonly tuned to EADG for a "light" gauge playability

F# B E A
.096 .072 .064 .046
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    Feel of the strings

    Posted by stephen spano on Sep 11th 2021

    I just bought these strings to play mostly Rockabilly. Although I do play pizz about 30% of the time. First off, these strings are replacing Lenzener Guts so I was very skeptical about switching to steels. Mark had suggested these to me about a year ago. Well, after joining a Rockabilly band and having some problems with feedback due to the volume at which the band plays at, I decided that maybe I oughta try a magnetic pickup but you can only use that with steel strings. So I decided to try them before I invested in a magnetic pickup. I am very impressed. They are brand new on the bass and I can slap them without any hesitation, any problem or any feeling of misery due to the hardness and tension. The tension is very close to guts and not far enough away to make it impossible to play without tearing up my hand. I think it will take a little time to get used to due to the fact that they are thinner than the guts and they are harder. But don't worry about getting these strings if you find you need to slap steel strings for whatever reason. I gave it 4 stars because I haven't had many strings to compare these to. I've tuned these to standard E, A, D, G.

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