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  • Gigpro Single-Channel Belt-pack Preamp

    Gigpro Single-Channel Belt-pack Preamp

    The GigPro Single-Channel Preamp is a tiny, belt-pack style acoustic preamplifier that packs a lot of features in a lightweight and pretty compact package. In addition to its passive* bass and treble controls, it has a tool many bass players...

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  • Platinum Stage Analog Preamplifier

    Platinum Stage Analog Preamplifier

    The B-II Preamp has been a mainstay for many years, and the Pro-EQ II was a great performer for our thinner-stringed bandmates. But let's be honest, it was getting a little long in the tooth. And there are lots more options in the preamp game nowadays...

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  • Pure Preamp

    Pure Preamp

    Pure PreampDesigned as an all-purpose preamp for piezo and magnetic pickups, it can be used for many pre-amplification purposes. The specially designed EQ has a super-wide band midrange control centered at 1.5 kHz plus bass (100hz) and treble (10kHz)...

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  • PZ-Pro 2-channel Preamplifier

    PZ-Pro 2-channel Preamplifier

    This is the newest, and for some, the most useful version of the "PZ" lineup from Radial Engineering. We've been carrying the PZ-Pre at Gollihur Music for years - it's a really solid, excellent two-channel preamp that allows for blending or instrument...

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