Rosin Remover and Instrument Polish

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Product Overview

Need to remove rosin build-up from the face of your instrument? Petz has the answer. A rosin-removing solvent and a follow-up polish can help you get rid of that ugly, tone-deadening build-up.

Petz makes this rosin remover to allow you to remove rosin build up without damaging the instrument's finish. Apply a small amount on a soft cloth, and use gentle pressure to wipe away rosin dust. For best result, use the Petz polish with pine oil to finish the cleaning process and leave a proper, instrument-safe shine. The rosin remover and polish each come in a 1 oz bottle. You can purchase either item separately, or together to save shipping costs.


Important: The specific chemicals contained in these items are not permitted to be shipped outside the USA, so unfortunately we cannot sell them to customers outside the USA.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review