Travel Case for Removable Neck (Only) Eminence Bass

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  • Travel Case for Removable Neck (Only) Eminence Bass
  • Travel Case for Removable Neck (Only) Eminence Bass
Discontinued - see information below

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Sorry, we do not have available stock of the case that used to be sold with the Removable Neck Eminence Bass. The case used is/was a roto-molded plastic case intended for golf clubs, with a carry handle, pull handle, and wheels.

The case that was previously used has been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, I've left this page here with information on the model and manufacturer of that case, in hopes that you can find either a used or new/old stock case, perhaps at your local sporting goods retailer, that you can use.

The model that was used was the Golf Guard Deluxe Travel Case (GOLF DLX TRAVEL CS> BLACK) - product number 1072004

I suggest Googling "Golf Guard 1072004" as a good start. Hope that helps!


If you want a more durable, heavy-duty road case, an excellent choice that is ATA approved is the SKB “Staff Golf Case”, model SKB-1649W.

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