Ultimate Adjustable Folding Stool

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  • Ultimate Adjustable Folding Stool by K&M (Konig and Meyer), next to bass
  • Ultimate Adjustable Folding Stool by K&M (Konig and Meyer), detail
  • Ultimate Adjustable Folding Stool by K&M (Konig and Meyer), folded seat
  • Ultimate Adjustable Folding Stool by K&M (Konig and Meyer), optional backrest
  • Ultimate Adjustable Folding Stool by K&M (Konig and Meyer), step detail
  • Ultimate Adjustable Folding Stool by K&M (Konig and Meyer), seat detail
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When rehearsals go long and legs get tired (and old - Bob), it's wonderful to have something to enable you to comfortably sit while playing. As players ourselves, we sort of group such seats into groups. There are those designed for permanent use in a performance or rehearsal space; while comfy, they are too heavy and/or big, since they're not really designed to be "portable." There are not many that are easily transportable, but we found a very cool fold-flat stool a while back; you'll find it "Adjustable Folding Performance Chair" in our related items, below. This K&M stool definitely crosses over into the heavy duty (Oh no, not the comfy chair!!) category, but is still reasonably portable.

The ergonomically shaped "saddle" seat on this heavy-duty folding rehearsal stool from K&M is firmly padded and comfortable. The included backrest (removable) will give you some serious leanin' support when you need it. The chair is very adjustable, from the depth of the backrest to the height of the chair and the included footrest - even the seat angle can be adjusted to suit your needs, which can be beneficial for achieving the desired posture while playing.

This chair is quite robust, an excellent choice for extended rehearsals or pit work. It's made by Konig and Meyer, a German company who has been manufacturing pro-quality stands and accessories for over 60 years. While it's not as portable as our lightweight stool, it folds down pretty flat (more so if you take the backrest off) for storage or transport. All the tubes are made with quality steel which has been powder-coated in black -- for good looks and a durable, protective finish. The ergonomically designed triangular seat is covered with sturdy, comfortable imitation leather and should hold up to lots of long practices.

Setup is quick and easy; the rear legs simply flip out, and the height of the stool is quickly adjustable using a spring-loaded post - and the seatpost even has a pneumatic riser (like on your office chair) for ease of positioning. The seat flips up and is lockable into position with a quick turn of the locking knob. It all takes about 10 seconds, and you're ready to play. Pack up is just as simple. (The backrest is removable via the screw-on knob which also allows it to be adjusted for depth).

The seat tube has 13 adjustment holes at intervals of 25mm (about an inch). Using this wide variety of height placements, the seat adjusts from 60cm (about 23¾") to 90cm (about 35¼") above the floor. One of the rubber floor protectors has an asymmetrical hexagonal design, so that you can rotate it to slightly different heights to prevent the seat from rocking on an uneven floor or stage surface! They've thought of everything!

  • Available Accessory: Padded Carry Bag (photo at right, you can add it to your cart by clicking the blue box above!)
  • Height: Adjustable from 23¾ to 35¼"/600 to 900 mm
  • Seat size: 15 x 13¾"/380x350 mm,
  • Weight: approx 18.5 lbs/8.4 kg (includes backrest)
  • Footrest: Adjustable to several fixed locations (tools required to move footrest, included)

Just a tip: If you've never used a stool or played seated, you may find that you adopt a position with your bass at a lower angle. Depending on several factors, including the floor, the tip on your endpin, etc., the bass may have a tendency to try to slide away from you. Constantly fighting that slide may cause you to tense up your left hand, particularly - and that's not good!

We mention this just so you are aware of the possibility, and to show you a related product — the Xeros Upright Bass Endpin Anchor. Now you know what it's for! It has a "cup" that holds the endpin in place, and its adjustable strap has a loop which goes around the chair's foot. It holds the bass securely so you can concentrate on playing, rather than foiling a bass escape attempt! Of course, a looped piece of rope or other material can do the same thing, though it's not as elegant. You can even take off your belt if it's an emergency... as long as it doesn't create another one! ;-)

Product Manual

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