Upright Bass Bridge Foot Fitter Tool (for Contouring Bass Bridge Feet)

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The Bass Bridge Foot Fitting Jig helps you fit the feet of the bridge to the top of the instrument. This tool holds the bridge firmly at the correct angle as you go back and forth on sandpaper to help fit the curvature of your top to the feet of the bridge.

Many folks have created their own version of this tool - Bob included! - but now here's a well-made, useful and practical version, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. 


Tip: When using with an adjustable bridge, the adjusters can protrude out past the surface of the bridge and interfere with the clamping mechanism; we recommend removing the adjusters, and using dowels as "pins" to position the feet when clamping down with the jig; this will keep them in place and allow you to use the tool. Once you're done, you can take it out of the jig and replace the adjusters.

Instructions included.

For amateur luthiers: Installing a bridge isn't brain surgery, but does require careful planning and execution, which my instructions outline. Do you already have an adjustable or regular bridge that needs to be installed, or do you want to get an idea of the process?? Let me know and I'll send you the instructions via email, no obligation.

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