Lots of New Stuff at Gollihur Music - New Basses, New Accessories, New CLEARANCE

Lots of New Stuff to Share!
Now that our website is fully up-to-speed, with enhanced checkout, cleaner design, and easier maintenance, it's freed me up to finally get some long-awaited new products onto the website. We've just pulled back the curtain on several new basses, including some left-handed models! And we've added some new parts, gifts and more. It's so much easier to put new products on the site, we hope to be growing and improving our product selection even more, moving forward.

I've also been putting a lot of stuff in our Clearance section ("Bob's Bargain Basement") - we've acquired a pretty good number of odds and ends over the years, and I'm putting them on the site as I find them, and blowing them out at great prices.

So this edition of "Bass Notes" is going to be chock-full of new stuff you haven't seen before. I hope that you find some new stuff that you're interested in! And if there are products that you think we should have in our lineup, please let me know!

We at Gollihur Music hope that you and yours continue to be healthy through these strange times.

-- Mark

New Bass Options at Gollihur Music
New Hybrid Bass, New Juzek Bass, and LEFTIES!

Our Estle Louis Laminated and Carved basses have been hugely popular and very well-received for well over a decade now. We added the "Ed" Rockabilly Bass Package a couple years ago, and that's been a phenomenal success, too. So it made sense to provide more options for the lineup, especially since I've been asked many times over the years about adding a hybrid bass. I resisted for a while, because the available bass models I could get didn't really offer a substantial price advantage over getting the fully carved model. But I have been able to work a deal with my importer to get a lovely Hybrid Estle Louis bass - with a carved spruce top and figured maple laminates on the sides and back - at a price that falls comfortably between the laminate and carved Estle Louis basses. We ship it in the lower 48 states for free, and it's only $2499! Come and check it out, it's a beaut!

I have also been talking for a while with another distributor to bring a name-brand bass into the fold; the result of those conversations is the John Juzek Carved Bass , which is now available on the site. It has a fully carved solid spruce top, and a maple back with a slight flame. The purfling is inlaid by hand. We have their luthiers install a Despiau adjustable bridge on the bass before they properly and fully set it up for optimal playability and sound. It's very well-appointed for a bass in this price range; it plays and sounds really well, and it's an excellent instrument for collegiate bass students, intermediate and advancing players of all styles, as well as professional gigging musicians. You can have one shipped directly to your door (in the Continental USA) for just $3599 including shipping (I've seen this bass for almost $5 elsewhere).

Finally, it's been a while since we've been able to provide left-handed basses for our customers. This wasn't for lack of trying... We used to be able to get Engelhardt basses as lefties, but they closed up shop last year. Until now, my importer has been telling me I would have to import 18+ basses at a time, up front, which I just couldn't afford to do. But with persistence, we've been able to negotiate a deal with the bass builder to bring in the basses in smaller quantities, so now I am able to get left-handed basses . We're bringing in a left-handed version of the Hybrid Bass mentioned above ($2599), as well as a new Laminated Left-Handed Bass model ($1699) that is an oustanding value and a really great looking and sounding bass for not a lot of money.

We're truly very happy to offer several new bass options, as well as again be able to better serve our lefty bass-playing friends. Come on over and check these new basses out !

And if YOU are a luthier yourself, you can ADD YOUR LISTING for FREE.
Click here for the submission form !

Reminder for the Coming Holidays: We Now Have FINANCING Available
We Offer Affirm as a Payment Option

Something that folks have been asking for, for as long as I can remember? Financing options for larger purchases.

A few months ago, we signed on with Affirm, which is exactly that! It's a payment option that provides a line of credit - like a store financing option, but one that is available for use on hundreds of ecommerce stores that accept it, not just Gollihur Music - and it has an instant approval process right in the checkout. Just select Affirm at checkout, then enter a few pieces of information for a real-time decision. It doesn't even ding your credit score!

Learn more at Affirm.com .

NEW Bass Stuff
Holy cow, look at all the new stuff we've added!

We've been really busy, adding a bunch of new products to our lineup (and website.) If you haven't visited recently, here's a list of some of the new bass things we've brought on board, just in the last couple of weeks . You'll find some new upgrade parts, a couple new bass bag options, some new bass-oriented gifts, the new basses I mentioned above, and more...

PROTEC Professional-Grade Double Bass Gig Bag (3/4 Size)
Protec specifically says that this bag is "designed for professionals." I concur. It has a durable, weather-resistant ballistic nylon exterior, with a thickly padded structure. It's got six exterior handles, many with rubber grips, a convenient bow pocket with a removable, soft two-bow case and three exterior pockets for easy access to sheet music and accessories. Super durable zippers, skid patches, and more. Sam (here at the shop) has been using this exact bag for years. And now you can get one from Gollihur Music.


Boveda Humidity Control System for Musical Instruments
The Boveda system is considerably more advanced than one of those rubber thingies that you hang in your bass. For one, it's a two-way system - meaning, it doesn't just humidify, but rather maintains an optimal humidity level, protecting from both too MUCH moisture as well as too LITTLE. Boveda uses a patented, all natural, salt solution to precisely protect musical instruments from over- and under-humidification. Boveda is the world's first 2-way humidity control. We have the starter kits and the refills available.

$29.99, ships FREE to the USA in a cart of $50 or more

Solid Titanium Upright Bass Endpin Shaft (10mm)
Titanium is an excellent material for an endpin; very lightweight and stiff, it won't absorb (and damper) vibrations as easily as denser materials, and will instead allow them to vibrate freely. Upgrading an endpin to a more high-tech material like titanium (or carbon fiber - we sell those, too!) can be an easy, non-destructive means to improving the tone of your bass. This high quality endpin assembly is attractive and sturdy; made of solid, high-quality titanium, it's finished in a "brushed" look so it's not super shiny like stainless steel. Comes with a screw-on heavy rubber foot.


Double Bass Artwork Refrigerator Magnets, Set of 4
Great Gift! Everyone needs a little more bass in their life. Here's a way you can bring images of your favorite instrument to the hub of most households: the fridge! This lovely set of four (4) refrigerator magnets features original bass digital art by yours truly; a set of four 3" square magnets will provide a means for displaying shopping lists, report cards, and more on anything that magnets stick to. (These are intended for indoor use; I recommend against putting them on the car.) Beautifully printed in full color, these should liven up any boring - or even marginally exciting - fridge.

$3.95, ships FREE to the USA in a cart of $50 or more

Raven Carbon Fiber Bass Bow
The Revelle Raven Bass Bows are an excellent option for advancing students and developing players who have outgrown their student grade bow and wish to move on to a carbon fiber option. These bows play really well, with excellent balance, and are haired with "Coruss" synthetic hair. I generally haven't been a strong advocate of "the fake stuff" over the years, but the folks at Coruss (in France) who created this relatively new option have really nailed it. Ethically sourced, strong, reliable - it will not decay and is not affected by changes in humidity, enabling you to achieve consistent sound quality. This bow has a lively, well-balanced feel and responds really well in the hand. It has a solid black carbon fiber stick, and it will not warp or lose camber. French or German styles are available.


Genzler Magellan 350 MG12T-V Small Combo
This is the "High-Boy" combo from Genzler. It's got the 12" Magellan cabinet, which is highly compact but really puts the sound out there. I used one on an audition recently (with electric bass) and the thing just crushed it, easily keeping up with a drummer, two guitars, and a keyboard player. Truly impressive. And it is, like the other Genzler gear, highly transparent, so it works exceptionally well with upright. If you want "flat EQ" you GET "flat EQ." Your sound, just louder. And plenty of variation is easily accessed with the onboard EQ and contour controls.

$1259 with FREE ConUS SHIPPING

Weidler Hollow Steel Replacement Endpin Assembly for Upright Bass
This hollow 10mm replacement endpin is very nicely made by Weidler in Germany. It's stiff and durable, but removes a lot of the mass from the endpin, which some luthiers recommend for tonal improvement. The plug (the part which inserts into the bass endblock) is made of a durable, "crack-proof" composite (synthetic - not wood) and is 34.5mm tapering to 27.9mm. The shaft itself is 10mm, is 44cm (17.25") long, and has a removable heavy-duty slip on rubber cap over the non-threaded point. The Super Endpin Ball that we sell would fit well, and would make for a splendid upgrade.


Gewa Prestige Double Bass Gig Bag with Backpack Straps
These Gewa padded gig bags for 3/4 size bass are really nice, and really well made. Using genuine Cordura outer wrap and heavy-duty stitching, you can feel confident that the bags will be up to any (reasonable) abuse that you subject them to - all in the name of protecting your bass. It features padded backpack straps, which are adjustable (but not removable). The Prestige model upgrades to 25mm padding - for a much cushier case - and also specifies YKK-branded zippers. The bow pocket is also reinforced with a sturdy, upholstered wooden shell, which is removable if you'd rather use a bow case in its place. We also have the thinner 10mm version available for 4/4 bass (on the same page). 


Oval "BASS" Logo Magnet
We've been providing one of our popular Bass Oval "Nation of Bass" bumper stickers with every order for over 20 years. But some folks are not willing to "permanently" stick something on their car. Some went through the trouble to buy magnet sheets, stick the sticker to that, and cut it out -- all in the name of putting it on their car while but making it easily removable, like all those ribbons for good causes. Here we are, saving you the trouble once again - our now ubiquitous BASS oval logo, on a MAGNET for easy-on/off use. It's a little bigger than our current stickers at 5.5" x 3.5" (our current sticker is 4.5" wide and 3" tall).

$4.00, ships FREE to the USA in a cart of $50 or more
Special Offer - get one for only $1 in a cart over $100!

Cloth Reusable Face Mask - Bass Clef Design
In a low-key black color, emblazoned with a bass clef on the right cheek in silver screen-printed ink, this flat cotton face mask works fine by itself, but includes a pocket for an optional, disposable filter insert (not included). The mask's fabric is soft and flexible, so it's a comfortable mask to wear. Elastic ear straps stretch well and hold the mask in place without undue discomfort. Perhaps most importantly, it'll cover up those goofy "bass faces" you make when you're playing. (Stop trying to pretend you don't make those faces, we all know that you do.)

$10, ships FREE to the USA in a cart of $50 or more
Special Offer - get one for FREE in a cart over $200!

Lots of New BARGAINS

Great NEWLY ADDED deals on closeouts, one-offs, B-stocks, and more...

We've recently added a TON of new items to the Bargain Basement - please note that these items are subject to prior sale and generally are very limited quantities. So if you click through and get a "no longer exists" page, someone else probably already bought it! So don't dawdle - if you see something you like, go grab it ASAP. :-)

Estle Louis Laminated Bass - COSMETIC B-STOCK
Our highly popular laminated bass, at a B-Stock discount. This designation is due to some cosmetic imperfections. We have a few available, and they are mostly "varnish pack marks" - meaning, minor scratches in the finish from handling/packing/transport overseas. None of the issues are structural, and all of these instruments are otherwise perfect, as far as playability, tone, and ergonomics. They are treated to the same setup process, and will still be handled and shipped to you with care.

$1489 with FREE ConUS SHIPPING

Flight Cases for Acoustic Image Combos and Speakers
These heavy-duty, American-made cases were designed by me and are custom-manufactured for the Acoustic Image combos (Series 3-4plus). The smaller one fits the Contra, Coda, Corus, and corresponding EX models. I've also tested it for fit with a new Doubleshot combo, and it works for that too. The larger model will fit a Ten2 or Flex "rig" and even has wheels and a retractable handle. If you're touring with an Acoustic Image combo, there's no safer way to transport it than within these hard cases.


Engelhardt EM1 "Maestro" Bass (BRAND NEW)
I purchased this bass to have on hand here at the shop in 2017-2018. It was never sold, and after a quick trip to our local luthier, it has been on our display floor ever since. It is a "brand new bass." This bass has some uprgraded and unique features. The EM1 would normally have a spruce veneer on the top and plain maple back and side veneers. This one is done (top and back) in a curly maple, and has a fair bit of figuring which can be seen in the closeup photos. It's quite attractive without being overdone. We also had this bass professionally set up by a local luthier, so it plays very well and sounds really good. It's got a ton of "thump" and would excel in Bluegrass, Rockabilly, or even Jazz contexts. We had an upgraded maple bridge and upgraded strings put on the bass at the time it was set up. The price also includes a brand new Gollihur Gig Bag.

$1795 - local pickup in our Southern New Jersey location (no shipping available for this bass)

Nu-Era Tabletop Mic Stand with Bag and Mic Clip
The black KB810M Nu-Era Tabletop Mic Stand by Hamilton Stands is super-convenient and even comes with a microphone clip and carrying bag. It is a lightweight, adjustable stand designed to provide stability in various environments, and can be used for conference rooms, desktop studios, boardrooms, live performance and more.

$12.82, ships free to the USA in a cart over $50

Rockcase Flight Case for Warwick (or Framus?) Triumph Bass (Black)
This is a brand name flight case that is made specifically for the Warwick Triumph basses. It is a part of their professional line, and is made of 12 mm plywood with aluminum edges and chrome-plated ball corners. It has two massive butterfly locks (with lugs for padlocks), heavy-duty hinges, and thick, upholstered foam rubber padding on the interior. It is the ultimate protection for the Warwick Triumph Bass (which we don't carry). It may also fit the original Framus, upon which the Warwick is based, as well as the Triumph Light bass that Warwick also makes/made.


Traynor TVM-15 Battery Powered Mini-PA
I got this unit in to audition it for use with bass, but it just doesn't have the power or depth to be used for that purpose. But it would be handy for public address, acoustic guitar busking, or other such use. Very nice, very light and compact! Perfect for rehearsal or street corner concert, the 15-watt Traynor TVM15's three-channel design allows quick connection to any microphone, instrument and media player. Individual volume controls on each input makes the TVM15 the complete ultra-compact PA system solution.


DPA Stand Mount for DPA Instrument Microphone - SM4099
This is the DPA stand mount to easily and quickly connect a 4099 Instrument Microphone to a microphone stand. The mic can be easily unclipped and repositioned or moved to another mic stand (or instrument with the right clip). This mount has a 3/8" (Euro) thread and includes the adapter to use with the larger mic threads more common in North America. Meaning, this has the goods to work with any mic stand you've got. The top of the holder has a 360? turn-around option on a ball joint.

$42.95, ships free to the USA in a cart over $50

Microphone Surface Mounting Flange with Rubber Gasket
This is a chrome Microphone Mounting Flange, which is ideal for permanently mounting microphones to counter-tops, walls, tabletops, podiums and similar surfaces. Perfect for use with flexible gooseneck extensions. Mounting screws are not included. However, it does include a rubber damping pad, which helps to reduce vibrations to the mic, and makes for an attractive mount. Full specs in item description.

$2.35, ships free to the USA in a cart over $50

Nov 24th 2020

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