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We've spent many, many hours writing articles on a wide variety of upright bass topics, along with some that provide tips on using specific products we offer; you can browse the index of these articles below.

It is our belief that "the more you know, the more dangerous you are," and these articles represent the knowledge that we've gained over the years. We hope that our philosophy of freely sharing this information will, in turn, make you more dangerous, helping you to be a more informed buyer -- as well as helping you to get the best from your instruments and gear.

We continue to write articles to add to the many below, and we invite you to let us know if you have any suggestions for future topics (or additions to current ones).

  • ACOUSTIC IMAGE COMBOS/SPEAKERS: What's the difference between the Contra, Coda, Corus and TEN²?
    Each combo and speaker cabinet has its own characteristics, here's the info...
  • AMPLIFIERS: Learn How to Play Your Amp (Pt.I)
    Overview, Using EQ, setting a 'Reference Sound'
  • AMPLIFIERS: Learn How to Play Your Amp (Pt.II)
    Gain Staging, Compression, Hi/Low Inputs, Drive
  • AMPLIFIERS: Learn How to Play Your Amp (Pt.III)
    Parametric EQs, High-Pass and Notch Filters, Effects Loops
  • AMPLIFIERS: Why Would I Want a 'Transparent' Sounding Amp?
    How do you choose an amplifier for use with an upright bass/electric bass/both?
  • BASS GUITAR TO UPRIGHT BASS: The Top Ten mistakes migrating players make...
    (not in any particular order)
  • BASSES- LEFT HANDED UPRIGHTS: Can I just restring a righty??
    Bass guts are not a mirror image on each side!
  • BASSES- PARTS, GLOSSARY of Upright Bass terms
    A visual overview of the components that make up a URB
  • BASSES: Different Construction Techniques
    Laminated? Carved? Hybrid? What's the Diff?
  • BASSES: It's a mystery! What kind of bass do I have?
    My bass has no label, who made it and when.
  • BASSES: Transporting your Double Bass
    Some tips for safe transport of your bass for gigs and rehearsal
  • BOWS: French and German Grip
    Which grip should I get? What's the difference?
  • BOWS: My Hand Hurts When I Bow!
    If your hand tires quickly when you play arco, what's going on?
  • BRIDGES: Everything I can think to mention about them
    Sizing, location, benefits/effects of using adjustable bridges, fitment, height, care, etc.
  • CABLES: Mono and Stereo (TRS)
    What's the deal with these TRS cables? How can I use them?
  • DECAL: Applying a Custom-Cut Vinyl Decal (VIDEO)
    A video tutorial for applying a vinyl decal for your tailpiece or the tattoo for the Ed Bass
  • ENDPIN: Replacing the rubber endpin tip on a Kay/Engelhardt or other bass
    An inexpensive alternative to sourcing an OEM cap
  • FINGERBOARDS for UPRIGHT BASS: What's to know??
    Details on their unique characteristics
  • FREQUENCIES: What are the frequencies of bass notes?
    A fingerboard/keyboard visual display of the C scale with frequencies
    What exactly does 50-14,000Hz +/-3dB mean?
    What do you need to take to a gig?
  • HIGH PASS FILTERS: getting rid of the mud and rumble
    What are they, what do they do for bass, and why should I care?
  • HUMIDITY: Do you need to humidify your Upright Bass?
    Does your instrument need special treatment?
  • INSTRUMENT CARE: Removing rosin from your bass
    Rosin can sometimes get 'caked up' - here are a couple suggestions for removing buildup.
  • KALA U-BASS - Stringing Tips Video
    Kala's Specific Stringing Techniques for the U-Bass
  • KAY (and Engelhardt) BASSES: Models Over the Years...
    As close to a comprehensive listing as I can muster
  • KAY and ENGELHARDT BASSES: Serial Number Lists
    Trying to figure out what year your bass was made? Check here!
  • LEARNING BASS: 'The Vomit Exercise'
    Intonation Exercise, Try Not to Vomit
  • OHMS & IMPEDANCE from the INPUT perspective
    What the heck are impedance and ohms, and why should I care?
  • OHMS & IMPEDANCE from the OUTPUT (speaker) perspective
    What the heck are impedance and ohms, and why should I care?
  • PHANTOM POWER BASICS: Microphones/Preamps
    What is Phantom Power, and how can I use it?
  • PICKUPS and MICROPHONES: Getting a Good Blend
    A New Way of Looking at MIXING a Mic with a Pickup
  • PICKUPS and MICROPHONES: Should I get a Pickup or a Mic?
    What are the pros and cons of mics and pickups? What will be the best option for me?
  • PICKUPS: Fishman Full Circle Sizing FAQ
    Which version of the Full Circle do you need?
  • PICKUPS: Removing the String Mount Bracket on K&K Pickups
    Modify the output jack on your K&K pickup so it will be compatible with the Realist Docking Station
  • PICKUPS: What Should a Double Bass Sound Like When Amplified?
    Using a smart approach when choosing your amplification gear.
  • PREAMPS: Do You NEED a Preamp with Your URB Pickup?
    Impedance mismatches, control, EQ and more - some guidance.
  • PREAMPS: Mounting a Small Preamp to your Tailpiece
    Easy 'n' cheap, just the way I like it
  • PREAMPS: Okay, but will a preamp help with feedback problems?
    I read the 'Do You Need a Preamp...' FAQ - but I have lots of feedback problems; will a preamp HELP?
  • PRONUNCIATION: How to say 'Piezo'
    Piezo is a commonly mispronounced word. Here's what most agree upon.
  • ROSIN: Choices and use
    Which rosin should I choose, and how it is used?
  • SIZES: Double Bass Sizing FAQ
    (¾,½,¼, etc.) Are there standard upright bass sizes?
  • SOUND: How to sound like Ray Brown (or your personal bass hero)
    The key to getting that big sound you're after
  • SPEAKON SPEAKER CONNECTORS: what are they and why are they used?
    The reason behind their popularity and increased use
  • STANDS: Fitting the K&M Stand Into its Bag
    The trick to getting it to fit!
  • STANDS: Will my bass fit the SA-22 Bass Stand
    How long can the endpin be?
  • STRINGS: 'Standard' Sized Strings on Large-size Basses
    How to know whether standard 3/4 sized strings will fit on 7/8 or 4/4 size basses
  • STRINGS: Changing Strings on your Upright Bass
    Tips and tricks of the trade for a smooth string change
  • STRINGS: Gauge (measurement of a string's diameter) - Is It Meaningful?
    This ain't bass guitar; there's more to choosing an upright string than just its diameter.
  • STRINGS: Should I Get Mediums? Lights? Heavies?
    What drives the decision to get lighter or heavier strings?
  • STRINGS: Solo gauge bass strings
    Orchestra or Solo gauge, what's the difference and which should I choose?
  • STRINGS: String Identification Chart
    How to determine what strings you have, based on the silks at either end
  • STRINGS: What Should I Know About Gut Strings?
    Care and feeding (oiling?) of gut strings.
  • STRINGS: What strings work with a Magnetic Pickup?
    Some folks decide to get a magnetic pickup, and you should know which strings work best.
  • STRINGS: When is it time to change strings?
    Is there a specific interval that I should consider changing my strings?
  • TAILPIECE CABLE: Tailgut (tailpiece hanger): Replacing with Stranded Cable
    A locally available alternative to kits available here and elsewhere
  • TECHNIQUE: Upright Bass Fingering Charts
    From The Bass Education Project
  • TONE: What is this 'Growl' I Keep Hearing About?
    Do I WANT to make my bass 'Growl' or not?
  • WHEELS: Upright Bass Wheels
    All you need to know about rolling your bass
  • WIRELESS: Going Wireless with Double Bass
    How do I choose which wireless to get? How do I hook it up?